Unlike All FB Pages From One Place With This Simple Trick

Do you ever think about the news feed on your facebook timeline. You will notices hundreds of newsfeed when you scroll down. Some of those feeds are from your friend’s but more from page that you like before. Might or might not be your timeline filled with unwanted feeds that you don’t need but some are related to you. But there is a chance to unlike all FB pages that you don’t like.

Most of the feeds on your timeline are page feeds that you liked previously. It’s better to fill your time with feeds that value added. When you start facebook might be you would like multiple pages but that annoys in your timeline, it’s  better to unlike unwanted pages to keep timeline neat. But it is difficult to check all your liked pages and unlike them individually that you don’t want. Follow the simple trick to unlike all your facebook pages at one place.

Unlike All FB Pages From One Place :

Facebook Page Unliker :

  1. Open PageUnliker (www.pageunliker.com).
  2. It will ask you to sign in with your facebook account. Then make an action accordingly.
  3. After you login it will display a list of pages liked of your facebook account.
  4. Open page that you don’t like it will be redirect to your facebook and unlike the page.

Conclusion :

This simple trick to unlike all your pages that are not necessary. Always fill your timeline with efficient news that won’t waste time while you are in facebook.