Tricks to How to Save Your Mobile Data Usage on Android

Everyone is using Mobile pack carefully. You must keep an eye on mobile data else you will experience a loss of your main balance. Might be you would come across that situation. Here are some tricks how to save your mobile data usage on Android.

Tricks on How to Save Your Mobile Data Usage on Android :

Restricting your background data :

When you connect every time your mobile data, many applications along with google services will going to connect their servers to synchronise data. Due to this mobile data will consume and it effects on your battery too, you don’t know that it runs in background. It is better to restrict this to run in background to keep data safe. Follow below steps to restrict your background data.

  1. Open settings in your mobile.
  2. Select Data Usage option.
  3. Select three vertical dots symbol at top right corner of your mobile. You will notice “Restrict Background Data”.  Select and OK.

Update Apps only in Wi-fi :

  1. Open your playstore app.
  2. Select settings. A list of options will be available.
  3. Set”Auto-update” in wi-fi.

Pre-load Youtube videos in Wi-fi :

Youtube is the second highest search engine in internet. Thousands of videos are uploaded every second over the world. Millions of people visit Youtube, many people use mobile data to see videos in travelling, so that it will consume more mobile data. Before you use mobile data it is better to preload videos and store them in your phone when you are in wi-fi. It saves your data consume.

Uninstall un-used applications :

Check the usage of data of your applications. Notice the app, which one is consuming more data, re-check whether it is useful to you are not before uninstall.

  1. Open your mobile settings.
  2. Select Data Usage.
  3. Notice which app is consuming more data. Uninstall which is not useful to you.

Above are some tricks to save mobile.  Other than this if there are any options let me know in comments section.