Send Schedule Birthday Wishes to Facebook Friends

More than one billion users are using facebook in this planet. Facebook gives an alert regarding birthday’s in notification panel of your friends list. Might be you would have written wishes on their wall. Let’s say twenty friends have their birthday’s in same day. It is quite difficult to write them wishes individually. Take a relief you can send schedule birthday wishes to facebook friends.

Learn How to send schedule birthday wishes to facebook friends :

  1. Go to Birthdayfb site .
  2. It will ask you to login with your facebook account. Make an action accordingly.
  3. After you login with facebook it will ask you to import the birthday’s of your friends list in facebook. Cool!


How to Import Birthday’s of Your Facebook Friends :

Select the events of your facebook at the left side of the screen.

  1. Scroll down  you will find “Upcoming events” and “birthdays”. Give right-click and copy the the link address.
  2. Now paste this link on the same site accordingly. Great! after you do this it will import all birthday’s of your friend’s list and it has shown to you all “Upcoming Birthdays”. So that you can schedule there itself.
send schedule birthday wished to facebook friends

Upcoming birthdays in BirthdayFb

The scheduled message will be posted in their wall according to their birthday.

Conclusion :

If you are sending wishes instantly to your friends, better use this site, you can send without miss.

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