How to Remove EXIF Data From Various Platforms

EXIF (Exchangeable Image format). When you capture a photo from digital camera or smart phone snap will save to your memory. Along with snap rest of the factors like time of the photo, camera model, aperture, ISO, shutter speed will be saved too in the form of EXIF. If someone visits the photos all data will be visible to them, it’s the matter of privacy. It’s better to remove EXIF data. There are ways to remove data. Even software’s are available to remove EXIF. Let’s see.

How to Remove EXIF Data from Various Platforms:

Android users :

You can erase EXIF data by using Exif Eraser for Android app. Download the application from playstore and make an action accordingly.

iPhone users :

For iphone users Metapho app is available. Have this app from App store and remove EXIF from photos.

From File Explorer :

Windows operating system is providing default option internally. No need to download special softwares to remove EXIF. Follow the simple steps.

  1. Make a right click on photo.
  2. Select Properties>Details .Then EXIF data will be visible to you
  3. Select “Remove properties and Information”.Cool, EXIF data  deletes instantly.

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Conclusion :

Follow the above methods to remove EXIF data from Android and Iphone.

Do Let me know other ways to remove EXIF data in comments.