Learn How to Remove Password to Your Password Protected PDF File

PDF (Portable Document Format) is most popular format to read content in your desktop or smartphones. You have come here to learn how to pdf password remover online.

And I promise you that I will teach you how to remove pdf password online without software.

Most of the pdf files are password protected that are coming from banking sector or any other private and government organisations.

pdf password remover online

Commonly employees came across this problem to check their monthly salary slips and etc .

But everytime you open PDF it is hectic to enter password to open file and also we don’t remember these passwords.

Remember,  you can only remove pdf password online but you cannot break the password.  Did you get the point. Let me explain clearly.

You can remove pdf password online of your protected PDF, for that you should know the password. To remove password you should know password so that you can remove by using your password.

But, You cannot break the password.  i.e if you don’t know the password (means forgot pdf password) you cannot remove the password .These passwords are high secured.

Most of the sites saying they can break your PDF password but that’s highly impossible. Give a try in Google.

But do you know ? Google Chrome acts as as PDF password remover online.

Best part ,

Check here for how to crack password .

Let’s see how Chrome removes password.

Steps for PDF Password Remover Online :

  1. Open Chrome browser.
  2. Open new tab.
  3. Drag your protected PDF to new tab opened in Chrome.
  4. PDF file asks you to enter password. Enter password here.
  5. Now click print symbol shown on the top right of your pdf file   or simply click Ctrl + p in windows and Cmd + p in Mac.
  6. Click Save.
  7. Here Chrome internally removes protected password and it will save new file to desktop.
  8. Open newly saved file on desktop, it won’t ask you password to open the file.

This is an internal feature provided by chrome, using this hack pdf password remover online is possible.

If you want know more about security of pdf, check security and signature section in this guide .


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