Learn How to Block Advertisements in Websites to Load Faster

Everyday you surf internet on different topics that you need. While you browse multiple ads, pop-ups are displaying. A new windows are open, asking you install software to continue work. It keeps annoying while you . There is a solution to prevent these ads and bring better browsing experience. Let’s see how to block advertisements in websites.

To avoid pop-ups, ads etc you need to install an Adblock Plus chrome extension . It will solve all problems regarding ads. It even blocks ads in Youtube. Some websites won’t accept ad blocker’s so that you have to filter those sites in Adblock Plus settings.

Add Adblock Plus extension.

How to Block Advertisements in Websites :

Use Adblock Plus Chrome extension :

  1. Add Adblock Plus extension to your chrome.
  2. An extension will be added to your browser toolbar. Cool everytime you visit new website or youtube video it prevent all kind of ads, so that all nonsense ads will be gone

Filter websites from Ads :

Some websites won’t give permissions to accept any adblocker’s add-on’s means the website will not show any data until you disable adblocker on certain site. You need to filter those sites in that scenario.

Adblock plus white list domains.

Adblock plus white list domains.

  1. Open settings of ABP (Adblock plus).
  2. Select Whitelisted domains.
  3. You can add list of domains that will allow ads.

Conclusion :

After using this extension I personally suggest this. Many other add-on’s are available but this one is providing more features than others.