Learn How to Reduce Data Usage of Facebook and Consume Low Memory

Millions of peoples are using facebook mobile app. It consumes high memory and internet data while using that everyone knows. Despite of having facebook application some people are using mobile web browsers. But in browsers facebook is not looking attractive as in the mobile application. Learn here how to reduce data usage of facebook and consume low memory too.

How to Reduce Data Usage of Facebook and Consume Low Memory :

To optimize facebook in browser use Puffin for Facebook android app. It is a web browser, especially it was designed for optimising  facebook. You can check your facebook in this browser, it looks attractive as same as in the facebook mobile app. And this browser will not consume high memory and internet data. This browser supports all other websites other than facebook. CloudMosa developed this application but not Facebook.

Download Puffin for Facebook

Features of Puffin for Facebook :

  1. Less data usage is possible when compared to other browsers.
  2. Data savings are more in data roaming.
  3. It if fully optimized for Facebook and removes traditional UI of Facebook from regular browsers and gives better experience.

Better use this browser to save internet data while using facebook. Even this app saves your battery draining.