How to Logout Your Gmail After Stolen Your Android Mobile

For any android device security is important. If it is costlier better increase security by installing anti-theft’s and some other features. Most of the people don’t maintain anti-theft’s due to lack of credit cards or some other reasons. But day to day technology growth is unstoppable. You can handle your android mobile like erasing your personal data, and how to logout gmail in stolen Android.

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How to Logout Gmail in Stolen Android :

Whether you forgot your mobile where you left it or it is stolen, better logout your Gmail in android so that you mail will be safe. Follow the steps to make an action accordingly.

  1. Go to your Gmail account that should be in your android mobile.
  2. Select “My Account” button above “Sign out” option of your Gmail. It will redirect to  “My Account” page in your account.
  3. Scroll down and select “Find Your Phone” at the screen-left. Your device will be shown with model number.
  4. Select your device it will ask you to re-login for security reasons. After you logged-in a list of  options will be shown that you can do after your mobile stolen.
  5. Select “Sign out on your phone” option and “Sign-out” your account that means remotely you are signing off your mobile from your Gmail. So that mobile thefter can’t see your mails.

Apart from signing-off your mobile, you can do many other actions shown in the list accordingly. Try them with your convenience.

Conclusion :

Gmail is providing such a great features everyone should have benefit these. These will help you to keep your data safe from mobile thefter and sometimes possible to track the location if he/she uses mobile GPS.

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