How Easy to Learn How to Change Pendrive Icon to Image

Now a days almost everyone is using pendrive to carry the portable files. After you insert the pendrive to your system a default drive icon is visible. Have you ever think on changing the drive icon to custom image. Yes it is possible how to change icon of  pendrive icon as you think by doing small changes.

To set the image icon to your pendrive you need to generate “.ico” file and a notepad file naming with simple commands. After you make these operations an image icon will be adjusted to your pendrive.

How to Change Icon of Pendrive to Image:

how to change icon of pendrive - ICO file generator

Generate ico file.

  1. Open website to generate “.ico” file. (Caution : If this website not provides you a service in future look for other sites that will generate .ico files. Without ico file you cannot set image).
  2. Select “import image”.
  3. Select “Choose file” (Image file that you need to set as icon) and select “Upload” button.
  4. Process will take little while, be patience it will generate “ico” file. Download it.
  5. Rename the downloaded file to “autorun.ico”.
  6. Copy the file to your pendrive.


Now open Notepad in your system and issue following commands



Name this Notepad file to “” and save the file to pendrive.

Finally, your pendrive has two files one is autorun.ico and second is (Notepad file). Check in your pendrive about their existence. Final step, eject your pendrive and insert again. Great! your pendrive has image icon that you wish.

Conclusion :

As a result, following the steps shown will result will change your pendrive icon to image that you wish.

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