How to Block Advertisements in Android Mobile

Ads are one of the irritating and challenge task while browsing. The same we are facing on desktops and smart phones as well daily. There are many solutions to shut down the ads on desktops but for smart phones is there any solution. Yes there is. Let’s see how to block advertisements in Android while surfing internet.

You no need to install any special apps to resolve this. Adjusting small changes from your browser settings will make you happy from ads.


Block Advertisements in Android :

Chrome users :

Chrome users need to check whether pop-ups enabled or not under browser settings. At any cost it is enabled better change it to disable else keep the same (better pop-ups set to blocked) .

Eg: settings>site settings> pop-ups (set to blocked).

UC Browser :

For UC browser users adjust the following settings under settings section.

Go to : settings>Ad Block> Ad Blocker (set this to enable).


Default browser Internet :

Even in this browser a favourable settings will protect you from pop-up ads.

Go to : Settings>Advanced Settings>Block pop-ups (Adjust this to enabled).

Ads in Mobile Applications :

Everyone download applications from playstore according to their requirement, but ads are running internally, it is irritating . To kick-off ads running in your mobile you need to install an application called AdAway which works only in rooted android mobiles. After you install, this app it will block ads running in internal apps.

Conclusion :

Finally, when you follow the tips given you can benefit two things one is feasible to surf internet fast and second is your data is secure always. So that one must use all these features in Android.