Learn How to Download Email Addresses of Facebook Friends

Today every one is having facebook account. May be your account has hundred’s of friends. Almost everyone is hiding their mail-id’s, phone numbers etc for security reasons. That’s the good one. If you check their id in their profile it is not visible. But there is way to get the mail id of your friend, not friend but all your facebook friends. Let’s see how to export email addresses from facebook.

export email addresses from facebook

Before start the process I would like to give suggestion, you must follow the steps by doing practically in facebook rather than reading simply otherwise it won’t be understand.

Steps to Export Email Addresses From Facebook :

  1. Open your facebook account.
  2. Open your Yahoo mail.
  3. Select mail option.
  4. Select “contact symbol” at the top left of the screen under mail.
  5. Open “All Contacts” option. You will notice different platforms like facebook, gmail, outlook, etc.
  6. Select “import” button under facebook.
  7. Contacts are importing, it will take some time. Be patience.
  8. Congratulations! all your facebook contacts will import now.
  9. A list of all your facebook contacts will list left side of the screen with name and email id.
  10. Now select “Actions” button on top of the contacts next to ” … “.
  11. Under “actions”  select “print all” option. A window will open, select “print” button and save file where you want in your system.

Conclusion :

To export email addresses from facebook successfully your facebook account must be associated with Yahoo but not gmail. You cannot download mail id’s if your facebook mail id is configured with gmail and your are importing contacts from Yahoo mail.