How to Export Contacts Between Gmail Accounts

Technology is growing rapidly, every one is having hundreds of important contacts in their mobile. Everyone is experiencing the benefit of the sync option in their android mobiles. So that all your contacts will take a place at contacts section in Gmail if you are using it. But the problem is if you have contacts in more than one gmail, some contacts are in Gmail A and others are in Gmail B. It’s better to merge all your contacts in one Gmail. Let’s see how you export contacts from Gmail A to Gmail B.

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Export Contacts From Gmail to Other Gmail :

Do the following actions in Gmail A :

  1. Go to Contacts section in your account.
  2. Select more>export. A pop-up window will open asking “Export from old contacts”.
  3. Select “Go to old contacts” option in that pop-up, a new page will open.
  4. Now choose  all your contacts, hit “more” button, a drop-down will open. Select “export” option.
  5. A pop-up will open asking “Export Contacts“. Select “All contacts” and hit “export” button. A .csv file is downloaded. That’s it.

Do the following actions in Gmail B :

  1. Go to Contacts section.
  2. Select more>import. A pop-up will open “Import Contacts from other accounts” as title.
  3. A list of options are available in pop-up.
  4. Select csv or vCard file.
  5. A prompt will open asking “Import from old Google contacts“.
  6. Select “Go to old contacts“. A new page will open.
  7. Select “Import contacts” at bottom left of the screen.
  8. A prompt will open asking you to upload .csv or vCard file. That’s it your contacts will be uploaded Gmail A to Gmail B.

Conclusion :

This is the way when you wish to move your contacts between Gmail. Apart from the same Gmail accounts you can import contacts from other platforms like Outlook, Yahoo, etc.