How to Create Simple and Easy Youtube Videos in Youtube Itself

Have you ever think creating and uploading video in Youtube is difficult. Yes I do agree it a bit difficult, you need good quality camera, hardware etc., all these things will mesh up and stop you creating youtube videos. Cool ! you can create youtube videos with youtube editor i.e in youtube itself provides you to create videos. So that you can save your mobile data while you are using mobile to upload videos.

If at all you create a video it need’s to be upload in Youtube it takes time depending on the speed of  your internet connection and size of file. Even-though it spends your internet data while uploading. Give up all those things and follow the simple trick shown below to create video and publish it to Youtube itself, no need to upload.

Create Youtube Videos with Youtube Editor :

Before to publish any video in Youtube you need to create channel in Youtube else it will ask you to create channel first.

  1. Go to  your Gmail account.
  2. Open new tab and paste following link This is called youtube video editor.
  3. In this editor you can create simple videos using images. There you can add music files. This editor also providing animation effects.
  4. All your previous videos are shown in this editor if you have.
  5. After you create any video publish there directly with out any hesitation, no need to upload. It takes minimum time to publish in youtube.

Glance all the components in the editor and have the benefits providing by youtube. Apart from the high-end videos it is possible to create and publish simple videos on youtube.

Conclusion :

Therefore, if you would like to create youtube videos with youtube editor follow this feature in youtube.