9 Ways You Don’t Know How To Convert HTML to PDF

I would like to show here number of ways on how to convert html to pdf online free in multiple devices in different ways.

Apart from the online we have the method to convert html to pdf in offline too.

Even though I will show both methods here.

html to pdf


1. Convert HTML to PDF Online in Mac :

Daily you surf multiple things on internet. All are html pages. If you like any of that page you can simply make a pdf file immediately. This is an inbuilt and feature.

  1. Open browser that you are using.
  2. Open page that you would like to convert to pdf.
  3. Hit Command + P on you keyboard.
  4. A pdf file will generate, save the file there itself.

2. Convert Local HTML to PDF in Mac :

If you have local html file in you mac we can convert that file to Pdf in two ways. One is you can convert in online shown on the method 1 and the second is follow the below steps.

  1. Get ready with html file in your mac.
  2. Select that file and open with TextEdit  (Inbuilt program in mac).
  3. Check the complete file in TextEdit. Make modifications if any (If you don’t truncate the text alignment issues will appear).
  4. Now hit Command + p. A new window will open
  5. Toggle PDF to Save as PDF .
  6. Save your file.

3. Convert HTML to PDF Online in Windows :

  1. Open any page that you want to convert pdf in online.
  2. Press Control + p  in keyboard.
  3. Save the file.

4. Convert Local HTML to PDF in Windows :

  1. Open HTML file with Notepad .
  2. Now save as the file with extension pdf  or simple press Control + p.
  3. You will be ask to save file.

5. Convert HTML to PDF Online USING URL:

We know webpages are HTML pages. We can convert these pages to PDF files using their page url. Let’s see how.

  1. Open PrintFriendly website .
  2. Copy the page url that you would like to convert pdf file.
  3. Paste that url in print friendly site and click Preview .
  4. That will generate new file. We can edit and download file as PDF .

This is crazy,

EvoPDF has software that can convert all types of file to PDF .

6. Convert HTML Webpage to PDF in Android Devices :

Most of us surf internet on mobile devices than desktop. If any webpage that you want save as PDF. Follow the simple steps shown below.

  1. Instal. Acrobat PDF Reader from playstore.
  2. Open your default chrome browser.
  3. Open the webpage you want.
  4. Select the vertical three dots symbol shown on top right of screen.
  5. Select “Convert to PDF” .
  6. Acrobat PDF Reader will process your webpage and save that as pdf file.

7. Convert HTML Webpage to PDF Using Acrobat Reader :

  1. Install Adobe Acrobat Extension to your chrome browser.
  2. Open the web page and use this extension.
  3. This extension will convert webpages to high quality pdf’s

8. Convert HTML Webpage to PDF in Iphone, Ipad :

  1. Open webpage that you like in default browser Safari.
  2. Select Share button .
  3. Search for “Save PDF to iBooks” .
  4. That’s it. Check iBooks apps in your device.

9. Using Services :

We have so many websites that convert html pages to pdf, simply use them. Upload html file and convert to pdf. This is as simple as easy. Check some of the websites below.

  1.  Acrobat .
  2. Pdf Convert Online .

Tons of sites are providing these services. Make sure before you upload and download the file.


Conclusion :

All the above are proven methods . Try the one that you like and comment below if any other methods available.

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