Alert ! Whatsapp Scams are Circulating

Across the world whatsapp has more than one billion users. Daily millions of text messages, audio’s, video’s, images are exchanging. Some spammers are taking advantage of this. Since long time some spam links are circulating in whatsapp. Let’s check one by one and beware of Whatsapp scams discussing now.

WhatsApp Scams are Circulating Since Long Time :

Whatsapp Gold & Premium versions :

Since long time a spam link is circulating in whatsapp regarding whatsapp gold and premium versions. There is no such versions, whatsapp is unique to everyone.Some hackers are taking advantage of this link. If you hit the link your mobile will get effect.

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Whatsapp will expire :

Whatsapp will expire, this message is rotating in whatsapp. This is a dangerous spam link, don’t try to hit this link your phone will be damaged. Moreover, whatsapp is “lifetime free” you no need to put single penny on whatsapp. In prior, you need to purchase but not now.

Whatsapp 4G & Whatsapp Ultra wi-fi :

This is another spam link saying “whatsapp has 4G and ultra wifi versions are available,if you download these apps there is no data charges, you can use whatsapp freely “and download link is available there itself in the message.  Readers! don’t believe these kind of messages , there are no ultra wi-fi and 4G version’s to official whatsapp and apart from the wifi your whatsapp will charge mobile data. And if you download those fake versions a malware will install in your phone and it chances are high damaging your phone.

Readers! please don’t believe above scams those are dangerous links circulating in whatsapp since long time. Spammers are taking advantage of these.

Let me know if there are any other scams in whatsapp.

Conclusion :

As a result above explained all are scams that are running in whatsapp from few months. Don’t fall in these rackets.

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