Access all Your Social Media Accounts From One Place.

Social media is playing an vital role in day to day life. It is bitter truth that everyone knows. Facebook, twitter, Google+ etc are the highly influenced social media platforms. Apart from that you are using different mail accounts gmail-like, Outlook-like, Yahoo-like. It’s better to access all your social media accounts from one place.


To check all your profiles you need to open every account seperately. For every profile mandatory writing for username and password. It keeps annoying. Better switch this practice and access all your social media accounts from one place, yes there is. You can access all your social media profiles, other mailing accounts like Gmail, Yahoo etc at one place.

Steps to Access all your social media accounts from one place :

You can access all your accounts through alternion website.

  1. Go to Alternion.
  2. It will ask you to sign up. Sign up with your mail account or just sign-in with your facebook. Cool!
  3. User integration is very handy. Go through everything it will be understood easily.


Features Providing by Alternion :
  1. You can access all your mailing accounts like Gmail, Yahoo, outlook , AOL and other IMAP  or POP.
  2. Possible to check all your social media updates like videos, links, photos etc from Facebook, twitter and other 220+ social media platforms.
  3. Feasible to combine the news feed of your facebook, twitter and so on.

Conclusion :

Using all accounts in different taps is difficult. Better access all of them from one place. Technology is evolving, better saving your time is best practice.