The Complete Solution For Aadhar Card (Updated For 2017)

I made complete guide here. Aadhar card download by name, number and with enrolment id. It simple and easy steps from official Indian government website UIDAI.

This is the age of smart phones, then why you should carry hard copy of aadhaar card when you have smart phone.


Sometimes we may forget to carry aadhaar card while travelling . Aadhaar card is mandatory and unique identification for all the natives of Indians.

aadhar card download

All Aadhar Services shown in Image

I promise you to teach how to download aadhar card and clarify all your aadhar doubts. Keep reading.

You will come to know following things.

  1. How to change Aadhar correction.
  2. Aadhaar card charges.
  3. Biometric information.
  4. How to updating your details (include aadhar card address change) .
  5. How to Enrol your child for Aadhar.

NoteDo-not download aadhaar from unofficial websites they might theft your details.

 Remember, to download aadhaar you must link your mobile number to aadhaar. It can be done in two ways.

  1. Linking for the first time –  Go to nearest aadhaar centre. Fill the form accordingly and submit it to concerned person. It will take 2 to 5 days to update. They will charge some amount to update your details.
  2. Updating your existing mobile number : You can update this from online.

Steps For Aadhar Card Download Using Aadhaar Number (Also With Name):

  1. Go to official website
  2. Scroll down and find “Download Aadhaar” under “Aadhaar Enrolment ” section .
  3. Or simply click this link
  4. Select “Aadhaar” shown on the top of the form.
  5. Fill the details shown as exactly shown in your aadhaar card.
  6. Enter Captcha shown on the image.
  7. Hit “Get One Time Password” button on the form.
  8. Now check your mobile and Enter OTP in the form.
  9. Hit “Validate & Download” button .
aadhar card download

Aadhar card download with aadhar number


Steps For Aadhar Card Download Using Enrolment Id Also With Name):

  1. Go to
  2. Select “Enrolment Id ” shown on the top of the form.
  3. Enter 14-digit enrolment number along with date and time stamp printed on your acknowledgement (long slip) of your aadhaar .
  4. Fill your name and pincode exactly shown on your aadhaar.
  5. Enter captcha and mobile number .
  6. Hit “Get One Time Password” on the form.
  7. Check your mobile and enter OTP in the form.
  8. Now Click “Validate & Download” button.
Aadhar card dowload

Aadhar card download From Enrolment ID

Aadhar Card Download from Android :

  1. Download MAadhar from Google playstore .
  2. Open App, it will ask you to create password.
  3. Now Enter your aadhaar number and click “Next”, it will send OTP to registered mobile number.
  4. Enter OTP and download aadhaar .

Don’t download unauthorised apps from playstore. MAadhar is official app developed by UIDAI government of India.

Charges For Aadhaar Services :

Free Charges For:

  1. If the person is newly enrol his Aadhaar no charges will be applicable.
  2. For children biometric update no charges.

Charge Rs.25 :

  1. If the person wants to update their biometric data.
  2. For demographic updates like, Name, DOB, Mobile number, Address and Email will charge 25/-

Charge Rs. 20 :

If the person would like to take color printout of his/her Aadhaar he/she needs to pay 20/- .

Charge  Rs. 10 :

If the person want to collect normal printout Rs.10/- will be chargeble.

These are the applicable charges.  No need to pay more than that. If any asks more to pay in the centre you can report by calling at 1947  or mail to

Want to know about aadhar in some of available Indian languages , 

Aadhar card information in

 Hindi .

 Telugu .

 Kannada .

 Bhojpuri .

 Urdu .

 Tamil .

Updating Your Aadhaar Details is Easy :

You have 3 ways to update your existing Aadhaar details.

  1.  Online update.
  2.  Update via postal (Must be Indian Registered).
  3.  Update in nearest Aadhaar Kendra .

Online Update:

Remember, to update aadhaar details online registered mobile number is mandatory.

How to update :

  1. Visit official website UIDAI
  2. Search for “Update Aadhaar Details (online)” at the middle of the page or simply click  here .
  3. Enter the details like your Aadhaar number, name etc.
  4. Then update details shown below and submit.

You can only update Name, Mobile number, Address, DOB, Email  from online.

Update Via Post :

People who want to update details via post they need to download request form.

Download Form Here .

Through post we can only update name, address, DOB, Email but not mobile number.

Two things to remember here.

  1. We should use Regular Indian Post.
  2. Required documents need to post along with form like, passport, pan, voter id (only xerox) .
  3. Any one copy is enough better send two or more identities for safe.

Send Post to below Address :


Post box no 99.

Banjara Hills,

Hyderabad, 500034,


At Aadhaar Kendra :

Last chance is we can go directly to Aadhaar centre, fill the form and update details.

Here we can update all the following details –  name, address, DOB, mobile number, email, finger print, Iris scan.

Charges will be applicable.

Why Biometrics Details Are Important :

Biometric gives more security to your Aadhaar card.

Lets say if you take new sim card, you have to give your finger print along with aadhaar number. If your finger print matches in their server, request will be approved.

In these kind of areas your aadhaar number safe and cannot be misused any fraudulent actions.

Why Link Mobile Number With Aadhaar :

Security Matters .


Aadhaar Linked Mobile Number is Necessary in Following Areas :

  1. To Link PAN with Aadhaar, mobile number is required.
  2. Before filing income tax returns (ITR) e-verification ITR .
  3. While registering for GST.
  4. To update aadhaar details in online mobile number is mandatory.
  5. For Electronic signature (esign).
  6. To register Digilocker account (Introduced by government of India, provides 1GB free space where we can store all government related documents to encourage paperless documents) .

And in many areas aadhaar linked mobile number is useful in future. Do-not neglect.

No documentation is required.

Rs. 25 will be charged at the time of updation.

Don’t Share Aadhaar Number Publicly :

Better avoid all the cases to publish aadhaar number in public domains.

If any agency or organisation ask to publish aadhaar number to extend their benefit please don’t provide. Chances are there to misuse.

Also do-not share in public domains, forums, web portals and don’t register with aadhaar in any portal.

Display Only Last 4 Digits :

Atmost if it is important to publish information about your aadhaar number better display only last 4 digits, so that 12 digit aadhaar number is not recognizable.

Don’t give 12 digit aadhaar number.

How to Enrol Your Child For Aadhaar :

  1. Visit your nearest Aadhaar Kendra.
  2. Fill the details in given application form.
  3. Register your mobile number to your child aadhaar.
  4. They will click snap of your child .
  5. You Aadhaar is required for your child biometric authentication.
  6. Check date and confirm the details shown on the screen there.
  7. Collect acknowledgment slip before you leave.
  8. When aadhaar is generated a notification will be sent to registered mobile number. Be patience.
  • Android :  Android hacks  (An Ultimate Guide – don’t miss) .

Almost we cover all topics regarding aadhar, but if you are interested on more information please follow this aadhar guide .


Conclusion :

Aadhar card download from both ways are easy. We need to fill the details accordingly as exactly shown in your aadhaar card.

As of my knowledge and experience  I provided all the information that I came across.

We need to wait with more patience to generate new aadhaar or update existing aadhaar.

If you still need in-depth information of your aadhaar card check this link .