50 Actionable Android Tips You Can Use (Updated) 2017

50 Actionable Android Tips You Can Use Right Now 2017

You agree with me if I say you come here to know android hacks and tricks without using any other third party apps.

Yes, we have tons of internal Android features but millions of people don’t know. But you are going to learn here.

I promise you that I have put here complete list of  actionable Android tips, you can use them immediately without late.

Don’t miss any feature it will help you some where.

This list will give you instant results. You can try them immediately.

android hacks and tricks


50 Awesome Android Hacks and Tricks :

1. How to find Hidden features :

  1. Open “Settings” .
  2. Scroll to bottom and select “About Phone”
  3. Again scroll to bottom and hit “Build number” for 5 times.
  4. Well, hidden features are now available.
  5. Go back and check for “Developer Options” in settings.

2. How to keep screen light ON while charging :

  1. Go to “Settings” .
  2. Scroll down and select “Developer options” .
  3. Enable “Stay awake”.

3. How to  blink light when you touch on screen :

  1. Go to “Settings” .
  2. Scroll down and select “Developer options” .
  3. Enable “Show touches”.

4. Enable Don’t keep Activities that Save’s Your Battery and Mobile Data:

If you leave the app still it runs in background so that consumes mobile data and charging. Always keep utilise the following feature.

  1. Open “Settings” .
  2. Scroll to bottom and select “Developer options” .
  3. Find “Don’t keep activities” and enable them.

This destroys the background apps as soon as possible after user leaves.

5. Protect your data from others when they backup to their desktop when your absence :

Protect your data with password before backup to desktop it prevents from data theft.

  1. Open “settings” .
  2. Scroll to end and select “Developer options” .
  3. Select “Desktop backup password”.

6.  Save your  battery charging :

  1. Open “settings” .
  2. Now scroll down and hit “Developer options” .
  3. Scroll slowly and search for “Simulate color space” .
  4. Select “Monochromacy” .
  5. It changes to black and white screen.

And don’t use live wall papers it consumes high battery.

  •      Also read :  Remove exif data (Remove location, date, time etc on captured photo) .

7. 3 Simple hacks to speed your mobile :

  1. Open “settings” .
  2. Now scroll down and hit “Developer options” .
  3. Tap on “Window animation scale” to 0.5x or simply off.
  4. Hit on “Transition animation scale” to 0.5x or simply off.
  5. Select “Animator duration scale ” to 0.5x or simply off.

Observe changes between screen moments.

8. Don’t worry if you have low battery while speaking in call

  1. Go to “settings” .
  2. Select “Battery” .
  3. And search for option “Battery saver” and enable that.

Instead of “Battery saver” some devices show “power saver”. Don’t confuse both are same.

9. Stop showing notifications while screen is locked – Privacy Matter’s .

  1. Open device “settings” .
  2. Select ” Sound & notifications ” .
  3. Select “When device is locked” .
  4. Now select “Don’t show notifications at all” .

10. Save your mobile data :

If you restrict background feature it is possible to save mobile data, so that your data will not consume even if your apps run in background.

  1. Open “settings” .
  2. Select “Data usage” .
  3. Search for “Restrict background data” .
  4. And hit “OK” .

11. How to Disable In-built apps you are not using :

It is not possible to un-install in-built apps. But you don’t use most of them and it will consume more battery and gives you less performance. But there is a hack to sleep them. So that you can observe the change on performance.

  1. Go to “settings” .
  2. Select ” Apps ” .
  3. A list of apps will be shown. Select the one that you would like to disable.
  4. Now disable.

This feature is only for in-built apps.

12. Don’t install apps from other devices it may cause damage :

If you install apps from bluetooth or any other source apart from playstore chances are high to damage your device. So always disable “unknown sources” feature in settings.

  1. Go to “settings” .
  2. Select “security” .
  3. Disable “unknown sources” .

13. Best Feature – How to lock and erase your device data remotely :

If your device is stolen you can lock and erase data if you enable following feature.

  1. Open “Google settings” in your device.
  2. Scroll down and select “security” .
  3. Now enable “Allow remove lock and erase” .

If you enable this feature you can wash-out data through your Gmail account.

14. How to stop Google tracks your search data :

Google always tracks your search data and display ads accordingly in internal mobile apps. So that you can tell google don’t track your search data.

  1. Go to “Google settings” .
  2. Open “Ads” .
  3. Enable “Opt out of Ads Personalization” .
  4. Well ! Now google don’t track your search data.

15. Stop displaying ads of your chrome browser in Android :

If you stop ads browser will increase performance.

  1. Open your chrome browser.
  2. Eg : settings>site settings> pop-ups (set to blocked).

16. Stop auto update apps over mobile data else ur data will out :

If you don’t stop auto update apps over mobile data it will consume high data. Always update apps over wi-fi.

  1. Open “playstore” app.
  2. Select “settings” .
  3. Select “Auto-update apps” and change to “Auto update apps wifi only”.

17. How to Logout Gmail of your Android :

There is no direct feature to logout of your gmail in Android but there is way.

  1. Login with your Gmail in desktop.
  2. Select “My Account” beside Sign out option.
  3. Scroll down and select “Find your phone”.
  4. Your android mobile will show here, select that.
  5. A list of features will show, select “Sign out of your phone”.

18. How to Erase data after your mobile Stolen from your Gmail:

  1. Login with your Gmail in desktop.
  2. Open new tab.
  3. Type  www.google.com/android/devicemanager
  4. Your device will show here, select “Erase” .

19. Google chrome provides a hidden game in Android :

  1. Make sure your device has no internet connection either mobile data or wifi.
  2. Open chrome browser.
  3. Open any website that you like (Eg : www.google.com).
  4. A message will show you are offline.
  5. Now tap on screen and start playing.

20.  No need to use Anti-virus, Google brings you great protection :

Google protects your apps highly. No need to use any anti-virus.

  1. Go to “Google settings” .
  2. Scroll down and select “security” .
  3. Now hit “Verify apps” .
  4. Enable “Scan device for security threat” .
  5. Enable “Improve harmful app detection” .

Google regularly check and protect your device from harmful sources.


Want more android actionable tips , check this video below .


21. Don’ts  in Android :

  1. Don’t use Cache cleaners..
  2. Stop installing apps from unknown sources.
  3. Don’t root and install custom ROM’s in your device.
  4. Stop using battery saver apps.
  5. Don’t fall your battery charging to below 20 percent.
  6. Don’t use live wallpapers – it takes high battery.

22. Lock your device from your Gmail :

If your mobile is lost you can remotely lock your device from your Gmail account and give a chance to finder to get back your mobile with phone number.

  1. Login with your gmail account (this account must be in your stolen android).
  2. Select “My account” near sign out feature.
  3. Scroll down and select “Find my phone”.
  4. Login with your password and select your device shown here.
  5. A list of options shown, select “Lock your phone”.

Set password to lock and also give your number so that the number will be visible on your mobile screen. Chances are there to get back your phone.

23. How to Set mobile data limit :

It you set data limit it gives you warning and automatically turn-off your mobile data. So that you come to know your data came to end.

  1. Go to “Settings”.
  2. Select ” Data usage” .
  3. Enable “Set cellular data limit” .

24. How to use your mobile data in non-local states :

If you are travelling frequently enable data roaming services otherwise you can’t use mobile data.

  1. Go to “Settings” .
  2. Select “More” .
  3. Select “Mobile Networks” .
  4. Now enable “Data roaming” .

25. How to control your kids on downloading unnecessary apps from playstore :

  1. Open your playstore app.
  2. Open “settings” of playstore.
  3. Scroll to down, select and enable “parental controls” .
  4. And implement the condition on downloading movies, apps etc as you wish.

26. How to download and access upcoming apps :

If you are interested on upcoming apps you can download and access them.

  1. Open your playstore app.
  2. Scroll to left you will find “early access”. Select it.
  3. A list of upcoming apps are shown here, you can install them.

27.  How to save playstore apps to download later.

  1. Open your playstore app.
  2. At the bottom right corner of every app you will find 3 vertical dots, select them and press “Add to wishlist”.
  3. It’s time to check wishlist. Open setting of playstore.
  4. Scroll down you will find “Wishlist” feature. Select and check the apps that you added previously.

This feature is useful when you want to purchase the apps later if you don’t have money. So that you can check them later.

28. How to Change screen direction :

  1. Go to settings .
  2. Select “Developer options”.
  3. Scroll down and enable “Force RTL layout direction” .
  4. Observe the change.

Handy for left-hand users.

29. How to locate fake location of your device :

  1. Open “settings” .
  2. Select “Developer options” .
  3. Scroll down and enable “Allow mock locations” .
  4. Download any fake locator app.

30. How to prevent your mobile damaging from your kids :

Prevent your phone from damaging or accidental bills from your kids, give them your mobile by pinning screen so that screen will struck at pinned screen.

  1. Go to “settings” .
  2. Select “security” .
  3. Scroll down and select “screen pinning” and select that app that you want to pin.

31. Save your Battery in GPS Settings :

If you don’t depend on location data you can save some battery life using this feature.

  1. Open ” Google Settings ” .
  2. Select “Location” .
  3. Enable Location and change mode to “Battery Saving” .

32. Use Smart Lock Feature – Give more security to your device:

  1. Head over to “settings” .
  2. Scroll down and select “security” .
  3. Select “Smart Lock” .

Use the features as you wish provided in the “Smart lock” .

33. Check the permissions of the apps you installed :

Some apps will take your phone contacts and other important information. I don’t know why these apps are seeking these kind of informations. This is hectic situation and leads to danger. Don’t give permission on taking your phone contacts. Check and disable them.

  1. Go to “settings” .
  2. Select “Apps” .
  3. Now select the app you installed and that gives you complete information of permission. And disable them unnecessary permission.

Eg : Most popular app UC browser also taking our contacts, that’s ridiculous. Beaware and becareful.

34. Use WhatsApp as personal file store :

WhatsApp already installed in more than billion devices. These days every smart phone user using this.

  1. Save your whatsapp number in your phone contacts.
  2. Your number will be visible in whatsapp contact list.
  3. If you want to store anything audios, videos, image, pdf’s etc you can send to your personal number.
  4. If you follow this trick you can easily transfer desktop files to your mobile, for this open web.whatsapp.com and send desktop file to your personal number.
  5. Download that file in your mobile.

35. Re-start at-least twice in a week :

It’s best idea to restart your device at-least once or twice in a week. It restarts every component of your mobile and works better than previous. Even it increases life of your mobile.

36. Must download Google Photo Scan app :

If you are photo lover download google photo scan app from playstore. So that you can scan all photos that are in album and make them to store in google cloud.

37. How to change Android chrome browser as notepad :

  1. Open chrome browser.
  2. Open newtab.
  3. Type data:text/html, <html contenteditable>  and hit enter.
  4. You can write notes here and make this as a bookmark for later reference.

This tip also useful in desktop versions.

38. How to tell websites don’t track your visit :

If you browse any website it will store your information like device name, version, browser. But there is way to stop them to track your visit to their visit.

  1. Open Chrome browser in Android.
  2. Go to “settings” .
  3. Select “Privacy” .
  4. And swite “Do Not Track” to ON.

This feature enables the websites that don’t count your track.

39. How to save mobile data while browsing from Chrome :

Chrome has the feature to save the data but you have to enable manually.

  1. Open Chrome browser.
  2. Open “Settings” .
  3. Scroll to bottom, select and switch on the “data saver” .

This feature compresses the web pages that you download from google servers. So that the compressed information consumes less data.

40. How to block incoming or out-going calls in Android :

  1. Open Call dialer .
  2. Open “Call settings” .
  3. Select “Sim settings” .
  4. Scroll down and select “Call barring” .
  5. Add the numbers that you want to block in the incoming session or out – going session.

If the above order fails, then open your mobile “call settings” and directly search for “call barring” feature.

Options are vary between the companies of the device.

41. Send files faster through ” Wifi – Direct ” :

Do you know you can send files through wi-fi direct that sends files faster than bluetooth. You no need to download any third-party applications like share-it.

  1. Enable Wi-fi in both the devices .
  2. Search for the option “wifi-direct” or “WLAN Direct” .
  3. Cool you can exchange files faster between the devices.
  4. Two devices must be connected in same wi-fi network.

42. Have the benefit of “Keep” application in Android :

Keep is an Google’s  in-built app in android. You can write notes and make reminders accordingly.

Notes written will be stored in google server. You can check them in desktop version by login with your gmail account and find “Keep” in Google apps.

43. How to Set Alarm with out visiting Alarm app :

  1. Open Google App.
  2. Press mic icon
  3. Eg : Say “set alarm 5 am daily”. Cool.
  4. Google makes an alarm at 5 am daily, you need to make sure and accept the prompt shown on the screen.


Google search bar with mic icon ( this is widget) is already shown on your Android screen. You can also press the mic and give the commands accordingly.

Give the commands accurately as you wish, it works well.

44. Don’t give your contacts to unnecessary apps :

You don’t know most of the apps are taking your contacts to their servers. Stop those apps taking your contacts from your mobile.

  1. Go to “settings”.
  2. Scroll down and select “permissions”.
  3. Select ” contacts ” .
  4. Check which apps are seeking permission and disable unnecessary apps.

Also beware of your “messages” permissions and rest of the things.

45. Don’t clear cache manually or don’t use clean master apps :

Don’t clean cache of any app that you use regularly that makes the app load faster. At the other end if you clean cache, app loads from the scratch and use more resources of the device. So it drains your battery fast.

46. Don’t install any kind of Battery Saver Apps :

These sort of apps won’t save your battery but drain your battery faster. But what it does, let see.

  1. It kills apps in background.
  2. Turning of wi-fi, bluetooth etc.
  3. Decrease the brightness of screen.

These are the things you can do manually then why you use batter saver apps. Remember these apps drain your battery faster.

These apps constantly bringing other apps and annoying with notifications.

47. How to make screen shot :

Press power button and volume decrease button at a time, a screen shot of respective screen will be captured and stored in your gallery.

Note : If you are using remdi devices swipe 3 fingers down to capture screen shot.

48 : Hide your number on receiver screen when you make a call :

  1. Open “call settings” in your device.
  2. Select “SIM settings” .
  3. Hit “Additional settings” .
  4. Select “Caller ID”  and change the setting to “Hide number” .

Note : Feature given on the android devices but not sure whether it works but it depends on network.

49 : How to add shortcut to your favourite website :

If you are frequently visit any website that you like add short cut to that site, so that you can quickly access that website when you want.

  1. Open your chrome browser.
  2. Open the website that you want to make shortcut.
  3. Headover to ” settings” .
  4. Scroll down and select “Add to Home screen”.
  5. Well! check your home screen now.

50. How to stop notifications of any specific app  :

These days android devices come-up with tons of in-built apps. Most of them we don’t use. But some of the in-built apps or installed apps annoy with notifications. Better stop notifications from unnecessary apps so that you can save time.

  1. Head-over to device “settings”.
  2. Scroll down and select “Apps”.
  3. A list of apps will show here, select the one you want to stop notifications.
  4. Here you need to disable the option “show notifications” .

Even you stop the notifications you can check all the updates by open the app.

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51. How to open accidentally dismissed notifications or check notification history :

  1. Long press your home screen.
  2. Select widgets.
  3. Search and select “settings shortcut” .
  4. A list of all options will show under settings shortcut, scroll down and select “Notification log” .
  5. Check and open “Notification log” shown on your home screen.

It shows all your current and previous notifications.

52. How to launch Camera with Power button :

Camera app is touch to launch in various situations. Cool, if you are using Android marshmallow and later versions it is very easy to launch camera app by double pressing power button.

  1. Head over to “Settings” .
  2. Scroll down and select “Moves” .
  3. Just enable the option “Jump to Camera” .
  4. Well ! test this by double pressing the power button.

53. How to share browser pages, Youtube Videos, links, Images, contacts from Android Beam :

  1. Go to “Settings” .
  2. Tap on More .
  3. Enable NFC (Near Field Communications).
  4. And then Enable “Android Beam” .

If you turned on this feature you can share app content to another NFC capable device by holding the devices together on backside and tap the display to beam to content.

For example you can share browser pages, youtube videos, contacts etc.

It only works when the other device is unlocked.


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Conclusion :

All the above android hacks and tricks are in-built features. Might be some are known and rest are unknown.

Options may vary, that depends on the device manufactures but process is exactly same.

And every android existing and new user worth reading. And low versions devices also find these features.